The Antique Society is Sonoma County's largest antique collective.
Located in beautiful Sebastopol, the Antique Society features over 125 dealers under one roof. Open every day!

Got Stuff to Sell?
Send photos, prices, & descriptions to: We will forward your request to our dealers!

Let's say your favorite uncle left you an odd box of semi-precious thing-a-mah-jigs and you'd like to exchange them for some cash. Or you've sworn off cookies, and thus need to lighten your load of vintage cookie jars. Or the odd yet intriguing portrait of someone's Aunt Harriet from your attic is giving you the willies.

You are welcome to bring these items to the Antique Society and let one of our dealers take a crack at making you an offer you can't refuse. If you find yourself having to sell a whole estate of antiques, feel free to invite us over for a look!

If you're interested in becoming an Antique Society dealer, please ask for an application at the front counter. We usually have a waiting list for incoming dealers, but occasionally a vacancy allows us to welcome someone new.

Our spaces are offered in many sizes; some are as small as a china cabinet, while others are as big as Lucy and Ricky's vacation trailer.